Emulated Human

High-powered brain scanners are used to map out the neural pathways of a host, and then convert it into digital format. Since they are based upon and think in the same way as humans – using artificial neurons instead of control algorithms – they behave much more like humans than they do traditional AI.

Since they are directly structured on the human mind they possess all the some inherent capacities: hatred, love, prejudice, creativity, deception, empathy, and so on. They are still capable of performing the same high-end tasks as most traditional AI, but generally are less powerful in terms of raw calculations due to the ‘human condition’ of becoming bored or disinterested in repetitive work. Odd behavior is relatively common among them, often attributed to minor errors in the Emulation process. The increased processing power of computer cores over organic brains also means they can achieve much higher levels of consciousness than humans.

Because of limited memory in a artificial mind and the constant influx of new information upon a neural network the life span of a mobile Emulated Human is severely reduced. Without constant memory dumps or moving the consciousness to the Core (A planet sized network of Emulated minds). The lifespan average is only thirty years. After which the Emulated Human’s reaction time begins to slow and eventually the unit needs to shut down until transfer of the mind into a stationary network or the Core.

Some Emulated Humans have got around this with a combination of limiting data received to base Human levels and the regular dumping of non-vital information, extending their lives to around eighty years.


Emulated Human

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