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  • Creation Numbers and Homebrew rules
    Base Human is 30 (Average powered) points in this game, specific races will receive additional points for specific things. In this game, Skills will be generally more important than Abilities. If you are making a medic for example, you are going to be using tools in this game not powers. So your knowledge’s will offer greater bonuses when attempting to heal someone. Of course ground-combat centered characters will be the exception, however remember, space is a big place so most of your adventures will probably happen aboard your ship.
  • Race bonuses and Psychic bonus
    If you are choosing to play a psychic character you get a automatic 10 points you can use to develop powers. You do NOT have to purchase these points. You use/develop them just as you would any other power and they do require you to have ‘Mana’ which in this game we will call ‘Will’. Will also works just like mana. Additionally and this is IMPORTANT there are hidden disadvantages to playing a psychic character, these disadvantages are story flair alone and will not kill or permanently harm a character, but may change the outcome of a scene or personal story-arch.

If you are playing a A.I or Transitional Human you get a pool of 10 points to use SPECIFICALLY and only for Cyberware, Genetic Alterations or a robotic Chassis.

Pure Human: Destined for Greatness. A pure human has a pool of bonuses behind the scene I will be applying to balance out the low char gen points. You can think of this as Luck.

Spacer Bonus: -1 (-1 every other level) on a specific SHIP based skill difficulty. (I.E Navigation, Repair etc)
Spacer Disadvantage: +1 difficulty on ALL planetside actions and attacks

Transitional Human Bonus: Apply 1 additional point to a Stat of your choice.
Transitional Human Disadvantage: Snob – When dealing with strangers who don’t share your ‘enlightened’ views, increase the difficulty of social rolls by two.

Emulated Human Bonus: Eidetic Memory, rolls requiring lore or knowledge have -2 difficulty bonus.
Emulated Human Disadvantage: Emulated Humans are easily distracted. DM, may in high intensity moments require a mind check. If you fail the check, your next action comes at a +2 difficulty.

Artificial Intelligence Bonus: Computer Aptitude, any action requiring a roll that is made through a computerized system comes at a -2 difficulty.
Artificial Intelligence Disadvantage: Naive – Must roll to realize when someone is lying, roll is a basic mind roll with a +1 difficulty so if your mind is 5, you have to roll at least a six.

Class suggestions

You can create any character that fits the setting. Here are some suggestions

  • Agent
    Focus on subterfuge skills, this is your rogue class
  • Drifter
    Focus on a lot of mid level skills but no real mastery, this is your jack of all trades, possibly a ranger type.
  • Merchant
    Social skills mixed with subterfuge.
  • Combatant
    Self explanatory, focus on combat skills and abilities
  • Diplomat
    Social skills take the lead here.
  • Scholar
    Your medic, historian, scientist- any mind based non psychic class.
  • Engineer
    Someone has to fix things.

Psychic Abilities

Here are some suggested powers. You can develop your own, just remember your not going to be throwing fireballs or casting lightning. I also didn’t bother to figure out the cost to get this out faster. Be sure to use the base rules in creating new powers to use these. Healing powers must have a flaw. These are just an idea of what I am looking for if you pick one, choose a cost based on what you find in the book and I will double check.

  • Internal

Improved Stat – Boost a stat for the duration of combat or scene.

Danger Sense – Dodge attacks as if you saw them coming. Raise difficulty of all enemies attacks by 1.

Endless Breath – Hold your breath for a duration of rounds equal to your body stat.

Pain Wall – You have a pool equal to your body of health available, when your HP is reduced to zero. Must ‘cast’ it once during combat. I.E you have 35 health, you cast Pain Wall at the beginning of combat. Your body is 5, during combat you are reduced by 36 points. By focusing you can still act until an additional 4 damage is struck, including healing.

Fast Scarring – Allows you to once per combat, heal equal to your body rating + 1d6 without the need of a medkit or stims. This creates a permanent scar however. If you reach ten uses, you receive a disfigured flaw. (Keep track of uses, I know I will.)

Sweat of Resilience – You secrete a odd oil from your poors, for time equal to half your body rating (rounded up) you do not take temperature, touch (poison) or vacuum damage.

Combat sense – You can act twice during a single round.

  • External

Emphatic Reading – By rolling your Mind vs A Targets mind you can tell if they are telling the truth or lying. You can also tell a targets emotions such as anger or fear.

Telepathy – If a target has a sufficiently developed mind ( 3 mind or more) you can communicate with them without speaking verbally over a short distance (Same ship or building).

Commanding Voice – Uttering a simple three word or less command, the target pits his mind score against a targets spirit, if the psychic is successful the victim acts out the command. A command does not last past one round and a command will not force a enemy to harm himself or allies directly. Additionally, this can be used on an ally to infer a bonus action. Sacrificing the Psychics move to command a ally to do something specifically.

Emphatic Healing – In dire situations a Psychic may take the injuries of another upon themselves. The Psychic can heal for half his own Hp, but must take half of what he heals as damage. Example: The psychic has 50 health, he heals an ally for 25 healthy, in doing so he takes 12 damage (rounded down).

Psychic Resistance – A unique type of Psychic. This psychic is a void of Psychic energy, as such all abilities used against them automatically fail. This is the only power this psychic can have and he cannot gain anymore at anytime during the game.

Alter Memory – Mind Vs Mind, If the casters mind roll beats a targets mind he can alter or place false memories.

Pack Mentality – The psychic has an Aura, each person in a Psychics ‘pack’ automatically gains a +1 to all skill checks. Will stack with existing bonuses and must be declared.

Translate – A psychic is automatically able to understand organic languages, through a connection with a targets mind. Automatically succeeds.

Example Shinies

Look to this list Cyberware

Pull from existing material or create your own. Weaponry is ballistic based and low powered lasers and plasma. No real light-sabers, but a vibroblade is almost as good.

Making A Name...

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