Not much is known of the second of the two known, sentient, non-human races that exist in our universe. Though, more is known of them than the Esséll. It is known, for example, that they retain a humanoid shape, despite it’s inefficiency, because of a belief that it is a holy form as passed down from their long dead creators. It is believed, they are built to look like them just like most Human constructs are built to resemble Earthlings.

It is also known that they display emotions, though are infinitely patient. No Synthoid has ever struck a human or been encouraged to act in violence against a human and in doing so would be dishonorable. There is a quote attributed to the Synthoids that says “Striking a Human would be just as shameful as striking a infant.” though, because there are no Synthoid infants, the accuracy of the quote is questioned.

This does not mean they will not defend themselves and reports of disabled ships drifting in space are often caught on Quantum radios. They believe in non-lethality, as such all they’re weapons and defenses are focused on disabling an opponent. They are very adept at this as to this day there have been no successful pirate raids on Synthoid ships.

Synthoids, also have a deep interest in Earth and Human culture. They trade goods for Artifacts in art, music and prose. However, it would seem that the Esséll forbade them from trading advanced technologies. Most of the trade they provide comes in the form of computer parts, cybernetics and other technologies on par or slightly above what the Humans have access to. The only major advantage is the huge quantities the Synthoids can manufacture in.


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